Revitalizing Lawns & Landscapes After Winter

Posted: May 31, 2021

Colorado winters can be long and harsh. Once the cold weather and snow has subsided for the year, your property may need a little TLC to wake up and prepare for a new year. Spring is the best time to give your property a once-over and reinvigorate your grass, flowers, and other plants. Taking good care of your property in the spring will set it up for a healthy growing season and keep it looking great all year long.

How to Bring Your Lawn & Landscape Back to Life after Rough Winters

  1. Rejuvenate Your Property with a Good Spring Cleaning

    Preparing your property for the new year starts with a good cleanup. It’s important to remove any leftover leaves from the winter, as well as fallen branches and other clutter. Taking good care of your lawn in the spring will pay dividends come summertime. Your lawn can benefit greatly from a good raking to remove any dead grass, as well as dethatching to make sure your lawn can breathe and receive proper moisture. This can also help prevent pest and disease problems later in the year.

    Spring is also a great time to overseed or add sod to any thin spots or patches in your lawn. This will make sure that everything grows back thick, green, and healthy during the warmer months. Applying fertilizer in the spring will also make sure your grass and plants have the nutrients they need to thrive.

  2. Flowerbeds, Trees, and Shrubs

    Revitalizing flower beds and planters starts by removing any dead plants, shrubs, and other debris. This will give plenty of room for any bulbs that were planted the previous fall, as well as any new plantings. Spring is also the best time to add new mulch. New mulch not only adds nutrients to the soil, but it also helps your beds retain heat and moisture, which will help your plants survive during the hot summer months. While spring isn’t necessarily the best time to prune trees and shrubs, it can be beneficial to remove any dead limbs before your trees and shrubs start growing again.

    One of the best ways to bring life back to your landscape is by utilizing spring seasonal plants. There are several wonderful spring plants that thrive in Colorado and can bring seas of color to your property. Some all-time greats include:

    • Spring Bulbs (Tulips, Daffodils, and Irises)
    • Pansies
    • Lavender
    • Poppies
    • Snapdragons
  3. Get Your Sprinklers Ready for Warm Weather

    Once the ground has thawed and the grass starts growing back, it’s time to restart your sprinklers for the year. A good spring sprinkler inspection and startup will make sure that everything is working the way it should while maximizing water conservation year-round. Controllers should be checked and reprogrammed to ensure everything is working efficiently, and all zones should be checked for proper function.

    Any issues or repairs should be addressed ASAP – leaking sprinkler systems can lead to outrageous water bills and possibly damage your lawn or property.

    Spring is also a great time to install a new sprinkler system or to make improvements to an existing system. Once hot weather sets in, your plants will thank you.

  4. Dream Big and Give Your Landscape a Makeover

    New year, new you. Or, a new property at least. Nothing breathes new life into your property like enhancing your current landscape or creating an all-new look. Landscape improvements of any kind can attract new customers to your property or business, leading to a huge return of investment. There are several ways you can improve your property’s curb appeal, such as:

    • Outdoor lighting improvements
    • Installing new flower beds, window boxes, and planters
    • Creating outdoor common areas and seating
    • Repairing or renovating hardscapes like walkways, fences, and retaining walls
    • Drainage improvements and erosion control

Want to Bring Your Denver Commercial Property Back to Life Come Springtime?

The landscaping experts at GroundMasters Landscape Services know just how to revitalize your lawn & landscape after even the roughest Colorado winters. We offer lawn care & maintenance services, as well as sprinkler system services, landscape enhancements, tree & shrub care, storm cleanup, and even snow & ice removal so that we can provide year-round grounds management. To see what GroundMasters can do for your commercial property, give us a call today at (303) 750-8867 or get in touch with us online today to get started.