Commercial Landscape Enhancement in Denver

Our team of experienced landscaping professionals will design and beautify your property.

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The GroundMasters Landscape Enhancement Teams will beautify your property, improving curb appeal and overall attractiveness. Our creative seasonal floral displays will give your entryways eye-catching color while our remedial services improve unsightly areas to obtain an incredibly vibrant, well-balanced landscape.

Commercial Landscape Renovations & Design

Whether your property needs, seasonal flower rotations, extensive landscape renovations, or tree and shrub replacements, GroundMasters will give your landscape the same meticulous care for every project, large or small. Our courteous crews work diligently to install your projects on time and within budget, maximizing your landscape dollars. A knowledgeable crew leader is involved from beginning to end to ensure that the minutest details are addressed and the end results are attractive and long-lasting.

Landscape Enhancement Services

  • Annual Flower Displays and Color Consultation – Annual flower displays are low maintenance and long blooming, and add a lovely touch to any commercial property. Our team will install these beautiful displays and even help coordinate color schemes to fit your identity. Contact us today to get started!
  • Landscape Design and Renovations – Are you looking to update your property’s image? Any commercial renovation is no small task, and requires a different approach than residential landscape renovation. As a commercial property owner, you want to ensure the unique needs of your business are being met, and that your landscape is both beautiful and functional. From initial design and planning to construction and regular maintenance, our professionals at GroundMasters can help you achieve this vision you hold for your property.
  • Tree and Shrub Replacement – Do you have dying trees or shrubbery ruining the appearance of your property? Or are you simply looking to spice up your foliage? Let us take care of all your tree and shrub removal and planting needs.
  • Hardscape & Retaining Wall Installation – The appearance and placement of your hardscape installations are just as important to your property’s image as the softscape elements which fill them. And retaining walls, while popular for their allure, are actually beneficial to prevent property erosion and damage from the elements over time. Our team will work with you to plan and install these structures to function properly while looking their best.
  • Remedial Work & Beautification – Have you recently purchased a commercial property which had substandard groundskeeping? Or are your current groundskeeping services not living up to expectations? Let us work with you to both undo existing damage to your landscape and continue to improve the beauty of your property.
  • Seasonal Floral Beds & Decorative Pots – Keep your property colorful and vibrant year round with our seasonal floral installation services. We’ll advise on which species will provide the best bloom for the season while meeting your vision, and give the whole installation a more personalized touch with our decorative potting.
  • Perennial Installations & Specimen Selection – Keep certain areas of your property green and alive year round with our perennial installations. We’ll even help you choose which plants to include to both fit your taste and ensure specimen health, reducing the risk of future replacement.
  • Drainage Work & Erosion Control – Water is your landscape’s greatest ally, but can also be its worst enemy. Flooding and erosion caused by severe weather can ruin a pristine property overnight, so it’s extremely important you give all that water somewhere to go, while containing your precious soil and bedding from washing away. From drainage piping to retaining walls, we at GroundMasters will equip you with the tools necessary to protect your grounds from destruction at the hands of the elements.
  • Sod and Seed Installation – Is your lawn not all it once was? Is it losing that shine, that luster, or even dying in patches? Or maybe you’re looking to lay down new turf in place of some other landscaping installation. Either way, whether you’re planning to seed a large area or sod a smaller one, we’ll handle the installation from start to finish and ensure your lawn comes out looking its very best.