Commercial Tree Trimming & Shrub Care in Denver

Providing commercial tree & shrub care services across the Denver metro area for over 29 years. We'll make sure your property's trees and shrubs stay well-kept year-round.

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GroundMasters Tree and Shrub Care will maintain the health and beauty of your landscape specimens. Our shrub care specialists are artists when it comes to trimming and shearing your shrubs to give them that well kept tidy look. We can remove dead limbs and dangerous branches to maintain the viability of your trees as well as the safety around your property.

Tree Trimming and Shrub Care Services

  • Shearing – Shearing targets the plants outer edges, removing uneven ends from branches and trimming down leaves to maintain a clean, shapen appearance. Sheared plants maintain a fresh, professional atmosphere throughout your grounds.
  • Structural Pruning – Structural Pruning aims to remove excess branches and limbs from your trees and shrubbery to promote as well as control their growth, and reduces the risk of falling debris. Let us help you ensure the beauty and longevity of your foliage with our pruning services.
  • Disease Control – A diseased tree or shrub is a problem for any landscape. Diseased plants will generally show discoloration or other signs of infection which in turn reduce the visual appeal of the plant itself and the landscape as a whole. Also, they carry with them the risk of infecting the other plants around them, which can quickly turn into a landscaping nightmare. Thankfully, many of the most common plant diseases are treatable by a landscaping professional, and our experts at GroundMasters have the knowledge and tools to control these outbreaks before they can ruin your grounds.
  • Pest Control – Pest infestation can be even more damaging to your property’s plant life than disease, generally spreading and consuming plants at a much faster rate. Additionally, pest infestation poses its own concerns for the health and safety of your employees and guests (and obviously doesn’t look too great, either). We’ll get rid of those pesky pests so you can continue to focus on what’s important; your business.
  • Fertilization – Regular fertilization can be essential to your landscape’s health and growth, especially in areas like Denver where the weather is dry and the soil is rocky and lacking in organic material. Your trees and shrubbery are a longer-term investment than other plant installations tend to be, so it is important that you protect their longevity with proper fertilization methods. We’ll work with you to build a fertilization plan tailored to your business’ specific needs.
  • Deep Root Watering – Keeping your trees and shrubs moisturized during the winter months helps them to flourish healthily in the spring, as the root systems of plants continue to grow during the winter months. Many people assume that accumulation from snow and the eventual melt-off is enough to keep plants healthy throughout the winter, but this is not always the case. Deep Root Watering is a process which helps to loosen the soil around your plant’s root systems, allowing more moisture to reach deeper into the ground with ease.
    Contact us for more information about how to keep your plants healthy through the winter.
  • Deep Root Fertilization – Deep Root Fertilization is a process in which fertilizer is injected beneath the surface of the soil as opposed to laid over the top. This is done in order to reach the deeper roots of older, larger trees, or in areas with many trees in a close group. At GroundMasters, we can help you determine if this service is necessary for your property, and provide the service as needed.
  • Storm Damage – Storms and other adverse weather conditions can quickly ruin the state of your landscape, damaging installations, plants and lawns, and even the ground itself. Our Storm Damage Recovery services provide repairs or replacement for damaged installations and features as well as debris removal for your whole property. Let GroundMasters help you restore beauty to your landscape after disaster strikes.