Commercial Lawn Care in Denver

Providing commercial lawn care services across the Denver metro area for over 29 years. We'll help your property's lawn & grass stay healthy and well-kept year round.

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GroundMasters’ commercial landscape maintenance will give your property the meticulous care it needs to look its best. Our professional account managers along with expert crews and friendly office staff work with you to develop and execute a comprehensive maintenance strategy that addresses the particular needs of your property. Our exceptional commercial grounds maintenance programs give you predictable management costs while making sure that your property is kept inviting for clients and potential customers.

Our landscape maintenance crews operate safely and efficiently when on site so your interests are always protected. In addition to the items specified in the grounds maintenance agreement, we are constantly on the lookout for potential site issues that could become problems. This proactive approach allows us to suggest and implement solutions in a more timely cost-effective way.

GroundMasters Lawn & Grounds Maintenance

  • Mowing & Turf Care

    From keeping your lawn looking good above ground to maintaining its health below, our team provides affordable, efficient mowing and turf care services.

  • Edging & Trimming

    Keep those lines sharp and your grounds and foliage sharper with our expert edging and trimming services.

  • Trash Policing & Winter Services

    Let us clean up after those messy guests. Litter can instantly take your property from classy to trashy, and is no good for the health of your grounds either. Our trash policing services will maintain the fresh image and atmosphere you want for your property.

    Once winter rolls around, let us keep your walkways and roadways safe for your employees and guests with our winter snow and ice removal services. Our partners at SMS (Snow Management Services) will make sure your property stays clean and clear of hazards through the colder seasons.

  • Aeration & Fertilization

    Let that lawn have room to breathe and grow! Our aeration services help break up the dense Denver clay so root systems have room to form and absorb as much moisture as possible, while regular fertilization ensures your lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs to shine.

  • Fall Clean Up

    Contain and remove those unsightly fallen leaves, pine needles, and other plant debris before they get buried underneath all that winter snow. Our fall clean up services ensure that Spring brings a truly fresh start for your property, free and clear of last year’s remnants.

  • Integrated Pest & Weed Control

    With GroundMasters’ personalized lawn care strategies, you no longer need to look to other companies for your pest and weed control. Our integrated services make it easy and affordable to keep the critters at bay and prevent weeds from ruining your lawn.