Denver Commercial Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Providing commercial sprinkler installation and repair services across the Denver metro area for over 29 years. We'll make sure your property's sprinkler systems works efficiently year-round.

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Irrigation & Water Management

GroundMasters irrigation management services will keep your landscape healthy and attractive during the Hot Colorado Summers. Our irrigation technicians are fully trained in all aspects of your irrigation system including its controllers, valves, distribution, and troubleshooting. Our crews arrive with the necessary parts and equipment to ensure they can diagnose, repair, and maintain your system quickly and efficiently.

An efficient irrigation system delivers the right amount of water in the right place at the right time. Beyond simple maintenance, GroundMasters conducts seasonal inspections and continuously evaluates your system for efficient operation to maximize water conservation. As your landscape matures we can recommend and implement renovations to keep older systems in line with the changing needs of your landscape.

GroundMasters Sprinkler Services

  • Sprinkler Installation & Repair

    From start to finish, our installation services will cater to your property’s individual needs to ensure an effective, efficient sprinkler system setup. After installation, our maintenance and repair services ensure the system will continue to perform up to standard for the lifetime of your system.

  • System Checks & Water Audits

    From regular system checks to water usage inspections, the professionals at Ground Masters will take the time to ensure you’re not wasting a drop of water while maintaining the beauty of your lawn. We’ll carefully inspect each component to verify its condition, and perform water coverage uniformity checks to make sure each lawn zone is being watered evenly.

  • Controller Set up & Troubleshooting

    Don’t let that confusing controller box get in the way of properly maintaining your lawn. Our team will install, test, and schedule your sprinkler system controller, allowing you to sit back, relax and watch the grass grow. Running into issues with your current unit? Allow us to troubleshoot and make repairs for you. We’ll get it done right, fast, so you can get back to what really matters- growing your business.

  • Spring Startups & Winterization

    As winter approaches it is essential to the life and health of your irrigation system that it is shut down for the season properly. Any water left in the lines can cause major damage to the system, resulting in expensive repairs in the Springtime. Winterizing your system incorrectly can be just a dangerous, causing immediate damage. Let the experts at GroundMasters handle this tricky process for you, and rest easy, knowing your irrigation system is resting peacefully until it is time to restart in the Spring.

    Once Spring rolls around it is important to have your irrigation inspected for damages, even if it was properly Winterized. We’ll advise on when it’s safe to start your system back up, inspect it for any needed maintenance, and make any needed repairs before letting it loose for the season.

  • Water Conservation & Leak Repair

    Drought conditions are fairly common in the Denver area during the warmer months, making water conservation essential. Beyond ecological concerns, wasted water is wasted money, as during these dry months utility costs can skyrocket. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to help you keep water usage (and costs) down while keeping your lawn fresh and looking sharp. If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bill, it could mean you have a leak. Our leak repair services are geared towards locating and repairing the damage as quickly as possible, saving you time and money, and helping to conserve this valuable resource for generations to come.