Spring Lawn & Property Maintenance in Denver, CO

Our commercial lawn services will keep your property looking great year round. Our Spring seasonal services will set up early success for a colorful landscape. Our experienced team can help from the spring clean up, sprinklers and landscape enhancements for the new year.

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Spring Lawn Care Services for Your Commercial Property

At GroundMasters Landscape Services, nothing gets us more excited than the spring. Springtime means green grass, colorful flowers & plants, and the chance to show off everything your landscape has to offer. Our lawn and property maintenance teams will maximize your landscape’s appeal and make your property something to be proud of. Here’s what we can do for your commercial property or business in the spring:

  1. Spring Cleaning

    Once warmer weather has started coming back, it’s a great time to give your property a good spring cleaning. No matter what winter throws at you, our team can make your property look good as new. Some of our spring cleaning services include:

    • Raking up any leaves and dead grass to keep your lawn clean
    • Removing any dead plants from flower beds or planters
    • Weeding so that your spring plants get all the nutrients they need
    • Mulching to keep weeds from coming back and starving your other plants
    • Tending to all of your tree and shrub care needs
  2. Lawn Care

    A great lawn can have a significant effect on your property’s overall curb appeal. Let us give your lawn some TLC once it starts to wake up from winter. Our lawn care professionals know just what your grass needs to grow back thick, green, and healthy. Some of our lawn care services include:

    • Aerating your lawn so that it can absorb all of the oxygen, water, and nutrients it needs
    • Overseeding to make your entire lawn grow back thicker and fill in any missing patches
    • Fertilizing to ensure that your lawn has all of the nutrients it needs
    • Setting up a mowing schedule once your grass wakes up from winter
  3. Irrigation Services

    Keeping your lawn and plants watered through the spring will ensure that they thrive through the spring and hot Colorado summer. Our irrigation system experts will keep your sprinklers running at peak efficiency while saving precious water and minimizing water usage. Our irrigation services include:

    • Spring Sprinkler Startup
    • Sprinkler Installation & Repair
    • Controller Setup & Troubleshooting
    • System Checks and Water Audits
    • Water Conservation & Leak Repair
  4. Landscape Enhancements

    Making improvements to your property in the spring is a surefire way to increase your property’s attractiveness and create a lasting impression. Our landscape enhancement specialists can give your property a new coat of paint with seasonal flowers and plants, or work with you to design the property you’ve always dreamed of. Our landscape enhancement services include:

    • Annual, Seasonal, and Perennial Installations
    • Tree and Shrub Replacement
    • Landscape Design and Renovations
    • Hardscape and Retaining Wall Installation
    • Remedial Work and Beautification

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Give your commercial property a headstart come springtime and keep it looking good year-round with GroundMasters Landscape Services. Whether you’re looking for simple maintenance or to totally transform your property, we have the experience to get the job done right. For over 25 years, our team has been helping property managers maintain their property through all seasons. Give us a call at (303) 750-8867 or contact us online today to get started.