End of Summer – Fall Landscape Checklist

Posted: Sep 23, 2022

As we creep towards the end of another hot and dry Colorado summer, it’s time to get your property prepared for winter. Giving your lawn and plants some much-needed care will help them recover from another harsh summer growing season, as well as give them the extra nourishment they need to wait out winter’s chill. Fall landscaping is much more involved than just raking leaves and turning off the sprinklers; every area of your property can use some extra attention to get ready for cold weather, snow, and fewer daylight hours.

Fall Landscape Checklist for Commercial Properties

  1. Lawn Care:

    Fall is an incredibly important season for lawn care, as you have just a few months to both help your lawn recover from hot and dry Colorado summers and to prepare it for winter and the ensuing spring bloom. Taking good care of your lawn in the fall will help replenish your soil’s nutrients, prepare your grass for winter, and allow your lawn to grow back thick, green, and healthy come springtime.

    • Weed and Leaf Removal

      Staying on top of weeds and leaves in the fall will give your lawn a great head start for spring. Removing weeds will ensure that your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs from fertilizing in late fall and help keep their numbers down once spring bloom happens. Cleaning up leaves is also important; leaves piled up can smother your grass, promote fungal growth, and give pests a hiding place during winter.

    • Final Mow of Season

      In Colorado, the best time of year to make your final lawn cut is once daily temperatures drop to about 50 – usually in late October or early November. When making the final cut of the year, lower your mower blades by 1/2 inch from your normal cut height. Anything lower can scalp your lawn, removing the “winter coat” it needs to keep its roots insulated.

    • Winter Grass Prep

      After the final mow of the season, your lawn needs some prep for winter. Aerating and dethatching (if your lawn’s thatch layer is thicker than 1/2 an inch) will ensure that air, water, and nutrients can filter down to your lawn’s roots. Overseeding in the fall will help your lawn come back thick come springtime. The last step in fall lawn care is fertilizing and a good watering to help all of the nutrients sink deep into the soil.

  2. Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

    Fall landscape care also includes your plants, trees, and shrubs. Cleaning out flower beds and planters will make space for new plantings, while fertilizer and mulch will keep them well-fed and insulated from the cold. Trees and shrubs also need to be prepped for winter, and any damaged or dead limbs should be removed before snow, ice, or wind can cause them to fall.

    • Plant Care

      Your plants, trees, and shrubs also need some prep for winter. Removing weeds, leaves, and dead or diseased plants from flower beds and around trees and shrubs will make sure that your plants don’t have to fight for water and nutrients. Introduce new plantings and spring bulbs to ensure that your property has a splash of color once the weather warms up. Fertilizing and mulching are also needed to give your plants those nutrients and keep your soil insulated during winter.

    • Watering

      Watering properly during the fall can help your plants endure harsh winter conditions better as well. Deep root watering injects water below the soil, directly into the root zone; this is an incredibly efficient way to water your trees and shrubs and helps them to develop a deeper, stronger root system. Flower beds and other plants should be watered once a week before winter to keep them hydrated.

    • Protect Tree Trunks and Shrubs

      Protecting your trees and shrubs from the elements can also help them survive cold, dry winters. Wrapping tree trunks and shrubs with burlap will protect them from the cold, wind, and harsh chemicals from ice melt products. They can also keep animals and pests from taking up residence in your trees and shrubs. Trimming trees and shrubs after leaves have fallen will also benefit their health and can help prevent accidents or injuries from falling tree limbs.

  3. General Service / Maintenance

    Fall landscaping services need to extend to all elements of your property to ensure everything is ready for winter. While basic cleaning and trash policing are important no matter the season, it’s also important to take care of your sprinklers and inspect the property thoroughly to pinpoint anything that might cause safety concerns once winter rolls around. You should also be prepared for early snow and ice to make sure your property is safe.

    • Winterize Irrigation Systems

      It’s best to get your sprinkler system ready for winter in October. It’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you get the jump on freezing temperatures; the first freeze of the season can cause havoc if your sprinklers aren’t shut off properly. It’s also important to remove water from any fountains or other water features on your property because they can also be damaged by freezing temperatures.

    • Pre-Winter Safety Inspection

      One of the best ways to prevent accidents or injuries in the winter is to give your property an inspection during the fall. Walkways, outdoor stairs or ramps, handrails, and overhanging tree limbs are just a few areas that may create hazardous conditions when snow and ice come into play. A fall inspection will help you to identify any potential problems long before winter weather hits, giving you extra time to address these issues and keep your property safe.

    • Snow and Ice Removal

      Even before fall gives way to winter, Denver is no stranger to icy mornings or chance snow storms. Although employees can handle snow and ice in small amounts, it’s essential to keep your property protected with professional snow and ice removal services. Snow removal contractors ensure that your property is clear of snow, ice, and hazardous conditions no matter the time of year.

Looking for Commercial Landscaping Services in the Fall?

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