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Tackle fall grounds maintenance - and every season - with GroundMasters. We offer fall lawn & landscaping services around the Denver metro area to help keep your commercial property looking great no matter what time of year.

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Even though summer is over, the hard work on your commercial property isn’t. Your lawn, trees, flowers, and other plants all still need to be looked after by a company that knows exactly what they need to thrive. Keeping your property looking great through the fall should be a priority of any good landscape management plan because there is so much that you can do before winter. Here’s what services the GroundMasters team can offer for your commercial property or business in the fall:

Fall Landscaping Services for Your Denver Commercial Property

  1. Fall Cleanup

    Keeping your property neat and tidy is the most fundamental fall landscape service. The GroundMasters landscape maintenance professionals know exactly what your property needs to look its best. Taking care of your property in the fall will help prepare it for winter and ensure that it grows back green and healthy when spring returns. Fall cleanup services we offer include:

    • Leaf Removal

      Fallen leaves are beautiful, but they tend to cover up all of your landscape features. Our crews will gather up all the leaves and can either remove them from your property or turn the leaves into mulch to use on your other plants and flower beds.

    • Mowing

      Lawn mowing can continue late into the fall, but this depends on when your grass becomes dormant as it prepares for winter (usually after the first few touches of frost.) Making sure your grass is trimmed and prepared for winter will help it grows back healthy in the spring.

    • Mulching

      Fall mulching preps your soil for the winter. This prevents weeds from popping up, adds nutrients to the soil, and insulates the soil and plant roots. Warmer soil temperatures help keep your soil’s ecosystem active longer into the cold season, which will keep your soil and plants healthier.

    • Tree & Shrub Care

      Fall is also a great time to give your trees and shrubs some TLC. While trimming and pruning aren’t recommended in the fall, our tree and shrub care specialists can perform deep root fertilizing and deep root watering for your trees and shrubs before winter to help them through the cold months.

  2. Irrigation Winterization

    Colorado winters can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system if you’re not prepared. An unprepared system can have water left inside the system that can freeze and expand when cold weather sets in. This can cause cracked pipes and fittings, damaged sprinkler heads or valves, skyrocketing water bills caused by leaks, and huge repair bills. Our irrigation system experts at GroundMasters will make sure that your sprinklers are prepared for whatever winter throws at you with our irrigation winterization services. These include:

    • Shutting off the water supply
    • Blowing out all water in the system using high-powered air compressors (if your property has multiple zones, this will be done one zone at a time)
    • Insulating and securing the backflow preventer, valves, pumps, and other components
    • Turning off timers/controllers
    • Inspecting the system after all water has been removed (out techs are fully trained to perform pressure tests, repairs, and other maintenance)
  3. Lawn Aeration

    Lawn aeration is one of the most important factors of keeping your grass, trees, shrubs, and other plants healthy. Aeration loosens up your lawn’s soil and creates holes in the soil that allow your lawn to “breathe”. This makes it easier for oxygen, water, and nutrients to filter deep down into the soil where your plants’ roots can absorb them. Early fall and spring are the best times of the year to aerate your lawn, and fall aeration is a great way to prepare your lawn for rough Colorado winters.

  4. Overseeding

    Overseeding spreads new grass seed over the entire lawn (as opposed to spot seeding smaller areas). This fills in any thin or missing patches caused by foot traffic, drought, pests, or disease, while also thickening the rest of the lawn. Overseeding is usually performed in conjunction with lawn aeration because doing them together increases the benefits of both services exponentially. This is a great service to prepare your lawn for winter and will help create a thicker, fuller lawn come springtime.

  5. Flower Bed Cleanup, Planting, & Winter Prep

    Removing annuals, weeds, and other dead plants will keep your flower beds clean and prepared for winter. But even though colder weather is approaching, there’s no need for your flower beds to sit empty through the fall. There are several beautiful fall flowers and other plants that can give your property a splash of life and color during the cooler months. Fall is also the best time to plant spring bulbs and perennial plants.

  6. Fertilization & Weed Control

    Fall is arguably the best time of year to fertilize your lawn. Fall fertilizing promotes good root growth that will give your lawn a chance to “toughen up” before winter. In addition, the moisture from morning dew or frost makes it easier to absorb the fertilizer, ensuring that your lawn is getting the most out of it. Early fall is also a great time to fight weeds. Once the weather starts to cool, warm-season weeds will start dying off while cool-season weeds will start remerging. Removing them before the leaves begin to fall (the weeds can hide under all those leaves and use them for nutrients) can also make spring weeding easier.

  7. Snow Removal

    Anyone who lives in the Denver area knows that it can snow whenever Mother Nature feels like. Keep your commercial property safe no matter what time of year with our snow removal and de-icing services with our snow division, Snow Management Services! Our snow removal crews are standing by day or night to keep your parking lots, walkways, and property clear. Snow Management Services is a fully certified and insured contractor that can handle even the worst Colorado snowstorms.

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