Winter Lawn & Property Services in Denver, CO

Tackle winter grounds maintenance - and every season - with GroundMasters. We offer winter lawn & landscaping services around the Denver metro area to help keep your commercial property or business looking great no matter what time of year.

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While the weather has gotten colder and your property is less green and vibrant, there’s still work to be done. At GroundMasters Landscape Services, we don’t go dormant just because your plants have. Our Winter Lawn Services will make sure that your lawn and plants grow back more vibrant than ever come springtime. Here’s what we can do for your commercial property or business in the winter:

Winter Landscaping Services for Your Denver Commercial Property

  1. Winter Lawn, Tree, and Plant Care

    One of the most important tasks of winter landscaping services is making sure that your property is prepared for spring. Your lawn, trees, and plants all deserve a little TLC to get them through the winter. Our lawn care and tree & shrub care experts can take care of your property year-round. Some winter services we can provide for your property include:

    • Putting down grass seed (known as dormant seeding in the winter) to fill in any brown or missing patches in your lawn
    • Trimming and dormant pruning trees and shrubs to promote healthier growth
    • Removing dead plants from flower beds and planters
    • Weed removal for pesky winter weeds that wake up when your other plants are dormant
    • Leaf removal in case you have a large property or a lot of trees and need multiple passes
    • Fertilizing to prepare your lawn and plants for a healthy spring growing season
    • Mulching to help keep winter weeds at bay and add vital nutrients that your spring plants need
    • Wrapping young trees and shrubs in protective burlap to protect them from cold temperatures, snow & ice, and animals
    • Installing burlap screens or snow fences around your lawn, flower beds, and planters to prevent salt and other de-icing products from contaminating the soil
    • Fallen limb or tree removal and other storm cleanup services
  2. Planting for Winter and Spring

    Winter plants and flowers can bring life to your property when your other plants have gone dormant. Plants and flowers that can give winter a splash of color include:

    • Evergreens
    • Coneflower
    • Baptisia (aka Wild Indigo or False Indigo)
    • Pansy
    • Holly bushes

    Winter is also a great time to plant bulbs and perennials that will sprout in the spring. Mulching and fertilizing in the winter will make sure that your plants have all the nutrients they need to thrive when they wake up. Some spring plants that thrive in Colorado are:

    • Alliums
    • Crocus
    • Daffodils
    • Tulips
    • Hyacinth
  3. Drainage Improvements

    Proper drainage is essential for preventing liability risks and property damage. After it snows or rains, water that gathers in pools or puddles will freeze overnight and create slip-and-fall risks. Winter also brings the risk of frost action cracking pavement and concrete, causing costly repair bills and possible tripping hazards. Our experts can identify any problem areas on the property and make the necessary improvements to prevent injury or damage.

  4. Irrigation Winterization

    Winterizing your sprinkler system is vital to prevent damage, skyrocketing water bills, and expensive repairs. Fall is the best time to winterize your irrigation, but skipping out can be an incredibly costly mistake. Our irrigation system experts will make sure that your sprinklers are prepared for winter and keep them in great condition for years to come. Our winterization services include:

    • Shutting off the water supply
    • Blowing out all water in the system
    • Insulating and securing all components
    • Turning off timers and controllers
    • Inspecting the system for any damage or necessary repairs after all water has been removed
  5. Landscape Enhancements

    Winter is a great time to work on improving your landscaping. Because most plants are dormant, it can be easier to get the “big picture” of your property’s layout. Our landscape enhancement experts will work with you to devise plans and projects that will make your property stand out. Some of our landscape enhancements include:

    • Landscape Design and Renovations
    • Hardscape and Retaining Wall Installation
    • Tree and Shrub Replacement
    • Remedial Work and Beautification
    • Annual, Seasonal, and Perennial Installations
  6. Snow Removal

    Living in the Denver area means that harsh winter weather can drop by at any time. Keep your commercial property safe no matter what time of year with our snow removal and de-icing services with our snow division, Snow Management Services! Our snow removal crews are standing by day or night to keep your parking lots, walkways, and property clear. Snow Management Services is a fully certified and insured snow contractor that can handle even the worst Colorado snowstorms.

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Our lawn and landscaping professionals know just what your property needs to look good through the winter. Taking good care of your property in the winter ensures that your lawn, trees, and plants will grow back thick, green, and healthy during the warmer months. Our team has been helping property managers maintain their property through all seasons for more than 25 years, and we would love to keep your property looking its best. Give us a call at (303) 750-8867 today or contact us online today to get started.