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Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping

Throughout Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, and the greater Denver metro area, commercial properties and businesses look to GroundMasters for year-round groundskeeping - including lawn care, landscape enhancements, tree & shrub care, sprinkler services, storm cleanup, and even snow & ice removal.

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GroundMasters in Greenwood Village, CO

If you own or manage a commercial property, then hiring a professional landscaping and grounds management service is essential. Maintaining a great-looking property is important because your property’s image is your image; your property’s appearance is a reflection of how much time and effort you put into it.

Maintaining a commercial property can be a daunting task on your own, so why not leave it to the professionals? Whether you are located in Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial, or anywhere else in the Denver metro area, let GroundMasters’ dedication to maintaining exceptional landscapes and delivering excellent service work for you.

  1. Landscape Enhancement

    If you are looking to spruce up your property, consider what GroundMasters can do for you. No matter how large or small of a project, our teams work diligently to install your projects on time and within your budget. Some landscape enhancements we can do for you are:

    • Annual Flower Displays and Color Consultation
    • Landscape Design and Renovations
    • Tree and Shrub Replacement
    • Hardscape & Retaining Wall Installation
    • Remedial Work & Beautification
    • Seasonal Floral Beds & Decorative Pots
    • Perennial Installations & Specimen Selection
    • Drainage Work & Erosion Control
    • Sod & Seed Installation
  2. Lawn Care & Maintenance

    Our lawn care and maintenance crews will give your property the meticulous care it needs to look its best. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep it green and beautiful, taking care of all of the particular needs of your property. Our lawn care and maintenance services include:

    • Mowing & Turf Care
    • Edging & Trimming
    • Trash Policing and Winter Services
    • Aeration & Fertilization
    • Fall Cleanup
    • Integrated Pest & Weed Control
  3. Sprinkler Systems

    All of our GroundMasters irrigation technicians are fully trained in all aspects of sprinkler systems and can confidently install, diagnose, repair, and maintain your system. Our sprinkler system services include:

    • Sprinkler Installation & Repair
    • System Checks & Water Audits
    • Controller Set-up & Troubleshooting
    • Spring Startups & Winterization
    • Water Conservation & Leak Repair
  4. Tree & Shrub Care

    Maintaining healthy trees and shrubs on your property shouldn’t go overlooked. GroundMasters’ tree and shrub care specialists will keep your trees and shrubs green, tidy, and trimmed up to maximize the visual appeal of your property. Here’s what our tree and shrub care teams can do for you:

    • Shearing
    • Structural Pruning
    • Disease Control
    • Pest Control
    • Fertilization
    • Deep Root Watering
    • Deep Root Fertilization
    • Storm Damage
  5. Storm & Lawn Cleanup

    Our Storm & Lawn Cleanup services are here to help when a storm takes its toll on your property. Our expert crews will provide you with a customized cleanup plan with predictable costs in order to make your property beautiful and safe again. Some of the storm and lawn cleanup services we provide are:

    • Fallen Limb/Tree Removal
    • Tree or Other Plant Replacement
    • Rescue Pruning or Trimming
    • Debris Cleanup
    • Hardscape Repair/Replacement
    • Flower Bed/Other Softscape Repair
    • Lawn & Turf Repair
    • Standing Water Removal

For over 25 years, GroundMasters Landscape Services has been helping commercial property owners across the entire Denver metro area, including Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Lone Tree. We offer all manner of landscaping and grounds management services, including landscape enhancement, lawn care & maintenance, sprinkler systems, tree & shrub care, storm & lawn cleanup, and even snow removal and de-icing through our winter division, Snow Management Services, for year-round service.

If you are looking for a dependable, knowledgeable, and professional landscape management service please give us a call at (303) 750-8867 or contact us online today to get started. We would love to be your partner for beautiful landscaping and year-round grounds management.