Winterizing Colorado Sprinkler Systems

Posted: Feb 28, 2019

The Importance of Winterization

It is paramount to winterize your sprinkler and irrigation systems for Colorado’s cold winter temperatures. For commercial properties especially, without proper sprinkler winterization, it can result in expensive repairs from freezing in lines. It is suggested to start winterizing in October each year in Colorado.

What is ‘Winterization’ for Sprinklers?

In short ‘Winterization’ as it relates to sprinkler and irrigation systems means getting all of the water out of the lines and fixtures of the system to prevent freezing.

Freezing in lines can go unnoticed until the next spring when the system is started. While draining the irrigation system will provide some winterization, the best route to take is a full sprinkler ‘blowout’ which pushes air through the system to clear any moisture.

Seasonal Maintenance to Prevent Costly Repairs

With Colorado’s, at times steep freezing temperature drops it is important to winterize every year. With proper winterization system startup will be less costly as there will be fewer repairs in irrigation zones and sprinklers. Unfortunately, without doing this there can be damage to system lines, sprinklers and the risk of water pooling. For some systems, it may also void their warranty for repairs if proper winterization isn’t conducted each year.

Getting your Irrigation System Winterized

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Image Attribution: UBC Micrometeorology