Transforming Your Commercial Landscape

Posted: Jun 30, 2022

Do you own or manage a commercial property that needs a makeover? Do you have a parched lawn? Flowerbeds full of dried out mulch and weeds? Cracked and boring gray concrete everywhere? One way that you can set your property apart from those around you is to transform your landscape with a fresh design and renovations. A new landscape signals to customers that you care about your business enough to invest in the landscape, and could draw in new customers who may have overlooked your property before.

Here are five ways that you can give your commercial property an overhaul:

5 Ways to Transform Your Commercial Landscape

  1. Upgrade Your Hardscapes – Or Create New Ones

    If you’re planning to totally renovate your commercial landscape, planning the hardscapes should always be the first step. Overhauling your hardscapes – or creating new ones entirely – can have a drastic effect on your property’s appearance. Walkways, stairs, patios, retaining walls; anything that has to do with concrete, brick, or stone should be plotted out first (fences should also be included in this step).

    When it comes to hardscape design, the days of plain gray concrete are long gone. There are many, many alternatives that can add a decorative, colorful touch to your hardscapes. Concrete pavers and paving stones are available in a nearly limitless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are sure to take your hardscapes from bland to breathtaking.

  2. Improve or Create New Outdoor Common Areas

    As somewhat of a sub-part of the first point, it’s important to plan out areas where you intend for people to gather or spend time outside. Remodeling or designing new outdoor areas will give your property a makeover and give people a place where they can sit and enjoy all your hard work. It could be something as simple as installing a few benches and picnic tables with umbrellas for shade, or creating a large new patio area with a pergola, fire pit, stone benches, exterior lighting… There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating new hardscapes and outdoor areas for your customers to enjoy.

  3. Install or Upgrade Exterior Lighting

    Landscape lighting is the ideal way to make sure people can see your property no matter the time of day. Lighting can be used along walkways and outdoor common areas, as an accent to highlight flower beds or signage, and to create a better sense of security on the property at night. Adding lights around stairs and ramps will also help keep customers safe. Energy efficient lighting will help maximize your curb appeal and keep your light bill to a minimum; LEDs, solar lights, and smart bulbs are all worthy investments when it comes to lighting upgrades.

  4. Lawn, Plants, and Trees

    After all hardscapes have been laid out, it’s time to plan out your lawn, flowers, trees, and other plants. Lawn areas should be clearly defined and well-maintained; aerating, dethatching, overseeding, and fertilizing can help turn even the most dry, patchy lawn into a sea of green.

    Seasonal flower arrangements will add color to your property year-round, while annuals, perennials, and evergreen plants will add a splash of green foliage and other colors to compliment your flowers.

    Keep in mind that your plant selection not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but can serve more practical uses, as well:

    • Shrubs can be used as a barrier between your property and your neighbors, creating separation and even a sense of privacy.
    • Trees provide much needed shade along walkways, can keep buildings cooler during the summer, and can actually keep the building warmer in the winter by acting as wind blockers.
    • Vines and other climbing plants work great as shade and for cooling. They can be used on trellises, pergolas, or even hung off of balconies.

    Green walls and green roofs have also become popular landscaping features in recent years, as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but act as insulation and help regulate the building’s temperature compared to outside (cooler during the day, warmer during the evening).

  5. Xeriscape Your Property

    If you’re looking for a drastic, complete transformation of your commercial landscape, xeriscaping might be just what you’re looking for. Xeriscaping is a landscaping philosophy that incorporates several design principles which minimize water consumption, utilize native plants, and limit the need for maintenance. Native plants work best for longevity and sustainability, and there are many, many beautiful plants native to Colorado. Colorado’s native plant life is extremely hardy: well-suited for summer heat, drought conditions, and harsh winters.

    Xeriscaping is seen as the future of landscape design in much of the US Southwest/Midwest, especially as Colorado deals with both historic drought conditions and a historically-short snow season.

Looking to Give Your Commercial Landscape an Extreme Makeover?

The design pros at GroundMasters Landscape Services have the expertise you need to transform your landscape and create a commercial property that will stand out from the competition. We have been designing and enhancing commercial landscapes around the Denver metro area for over 25 years; our longevity speaks for itself.

In addition to creating new, beautiful landscapes, we also offer year-round landscape services, including lawn care, sprinkler system maintenance, and tree & shrub care – along with storm cleanup and snow & ice removal for when bad weather hits.

To see what GroundMasters can do for your Denver area business or commercial property, give us a call at (303) 75-8867 or get in touch with us online to get started.