Sustainable Landscaping: Eco-Friendly Solutions for Commercial Properties

Posted: Apr 06, 2024

In today’s era of environmental consciousness, businesses are turning more and more to sustainable practices for both their daily operations and their outdoor spaces. From energy efficiency to water conservation to sustainable materials, there are numerous solutions available for commercial landscaping that can turn any property into an eco-friendly haven.

Here are five key strategies to implement sustainable practices on your commercial property:

5 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Solutions for Your Commercial Property

  1. Smart Irrigation

    One of the most important aspects of landscaping in Colorado is water conservation. Hot, dry summers and a trend of relatively dry winters over the past few years have led to drought conditions that make it essential for business owners to cut down on irrigation waste as much as possible.

    One of the best ways to conserve water is to install a smart irrigation system, which uses sensors, weather monitoring, and other data to water the property only when needed. Optimizing water usage can lead to huge savings over the years, making smart irrigation systems a must have for Colorado commercial landscapes.

  2. Native and Drought-Resistant Plants

    Another way to optimize water usage while also reducing the need for maintenance is to take advantage of Colorado’s abundance of beautiful, drought-resistant plants and flowers. Creating a wildflower garden (aka a butterfly garden) is a wonderful way to showcase Colorado’s native plants while attracting butterflies, birds, and other pollinators, which helps promote biodiversity. Native prairie grasses also require relatively little water and maintenance, making them a suitable replacement for traditional (and thirsty) turf grasses.

  3. Roof Gardens, Green Walls and Green Roofs

    Roof gardens, green walls, and green roofs are popular eco-friendly landscaping trends and a great choice for commercial settings. Roof gardens utilize often-unused rooftop space to plant vegetation, creating a “rooftop oasis” that is sure to be a focal point of any property. Green walls and green roofs are vertical and horizontal structures that completely cover the surface with vegetation.

    Roof gardens, green walls, and green roofs provide incredible utilitarian benefits apart from their aesthetic appeal, including:

    • Insulation and temperature regulation
    • Rainwater Management
    • Improved Air Quality
    • Noise Pollution Reduction
    • Improved Biodiversity
  4. Rain Gardens and Bioswales

    Rain gardens and bioswales are eco-friendly landscape features that effectively manage stormwater on the property, helping to prevent flooding by filtering and absorbing rainwater runoff, and can also filter out pollutants from the water. In simple terms, rain gardens act as catch basins that help to collect and absorb water, while bioswales act as drainage channels and filters to treat pollution.

    Rain gardens are typically shallow areas of the property that are filled with native plants, mulch, and porous soil. They are designed to capture and absorb rainwater that runs off of the property and non-absorbant surfaces like asphalt and concrete. This helps to keep the surrounding area saturated, which can reduce the need for irrigation.

    Bioswales are landscape features that are typically installed next to streets and parking lots. They are designed to transport and treat stormwater as it moves through the landscape, filtering out pollutants such as heavy sediments, vehicle fluids, and chemical de-icers.

  5. Sustainable Energy and Materials

    Sustainability is a key aspect of creating eco-friendly landscapes. There are several ways that commercial landscapes can incorporate sustainable practices, including:

    • Solar lighting
    • Energy efficient landscape design (e.g., utilizing plants to insulate, provide shade, and act as windbreaks)
    • Permeable pavers
    • Recycled landscape materials such as plastic, reclaimed wood, and recycled concrete or brick

Implement Eco-Friendly Commercial Landscape Solutions with GroundMasters Landscape Services

With close to 30 years of experience, our team of landscape experts can transform your property into an eco-friendly oasis that prioritizes sustainability, minimizes water usage, and promotes Colorado’s biodiversity and beauty.

We offer the full range of seasonal commercial landscape services, and we would love to be your year-round full service provider.

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