Spring Cleaning for Commercial Landscapes

Posted: Mar 24, 2022

As we begin to transition to the warmer months of the year, landscapes around the Denver area are slowly starting to wake up from their winter nap. Many people like to give their homes a good spring cleaning at this time of year – why not do the same for your commercial landscape? Giving your landscape a once-over will not only help it recover from winter, but also refresh your property in the eyes of your customers and passers-by.

We have put together this spring cleaning list that we hope will help your commercial landscape realize its full potential:

5 Steps for Commercial Landscape Spring Cleaning

  1. Inspect Your Lawn, Plants, and Trees for Signs of Damage

    Colorado winters – even ones with relatively little snow – can be harsh to grass, trees, and other plants. Dried out plants, frost cracks in tree trunks or limbs, and root damage due to frozen ground are all common signs of winter damage. Salts and other de-icing materials are also common culprits of winter plant damage, as they easily dry out or even kill your plants by pulling water away from the roots. It’s also important to inspect your property for any signs of disease, pests, fungus, or other issues. Tackling these problems in the spring will help your grass, plants, and trees to recover sooner and thrive through the rest of the year.

  2. Inspect Your Hardscapes for Winter Damage As Well

    Winter can also do a number on sidewalks, parking lots, and other hardscapes. Repeated frost action can cause concrete surfaces to crack, scale, and even crumble. This problem can quickly get out of hand, as existing damage to concrete makes it easier for water to seep in and cause even more damage. Damaged concrete is not only costly to repair or replace – it can also create serious safety concerns. Uneven pavement, damaged retaining walls, and cracked or crumbling steps can all lead to injuries and the risk of litigation.

  3. Give Your Landscape Some TLC

    Once you’ve checked the property for damage and addressed any issues, now you can get into the actual “spring cleaning” work for your landscape. Early spring is the best time to give your lawn areas, trees, and other plants some love to prepare them for another year of blooming and thriving.

    Here’s a short spring care checklist for your lawn, plants, and trees:

    • Aerate your lawn (and dethatch if necessary) to ensure your grass will be able to get all the oxygen, water, and nutrients it needs at the root level
    • Overseed and fertilize after aerating to help fill in any bare spots in your lawn, and ensure it has all the nutrients it can get
    • Clean out flower beds by removing dead plant material, weeds, and other debris to prepare them for new plantings
    • Prune trees, shrubs, and other plants, making sure to remove any dead or damaged branches that could lead to injury
    • Replace mulch in flower beds, around trees, etc. – this will help to keep weeds away, regulate temperature and moisture, and give these areas a fresh look
  4. Inspect Your Sprinklers Before Spring Start-Up

    Now that your landscape has been tidied up and is ready for the growing seasons, it’s time to make sure your sprinklers are ready for the warmer months. Make sure to inspect your sprinkler system zone-by-zone for any signs of leaks, cracks, and other damage before cutting them back on.

    It’s INCREDIBLY important to wait until the right time of year to start up your sprinklers. Starting the system too early (when there is still frost present about 1 foot below the surface) can cause just as much damage as failing to winterize the system properly. Here in Denver, the best time to start up your sprinkler system is mid to late April; any sooner and the ground may be too hard, and there is still the risk of a late-season freeze that can wreck your sprinklers.

  5. Consider Making Landscape Improvements

    Before your landscape wakes up from winter, it may be worth looking into renovating your landscape, or even overhauling it entirely. Whether you have big plans for a bold new design, want to make structural improvements, or simply want to spruce the place up, making landscape enhancements to your property can be an incredibly valuable investment.

    Some common springtime landscape improvements include:

    • Planning new seasonal, annual, and perennial displays and color schemes
    • New flower bed and planter installation
    • Outdoor lighting improvements
    • Hardscape installation and repairs
    • Tree and shrub removal or replacement

Ready to Give Your Property the Spring Cleaning It Deserves?

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