Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Posted: Sep 30, 2021

Landscaping is an important aspect of owning or managing a commercial property. As the “face” of your property, your landscape is the first impression many people will have of your business. Since first impressions are everything, going about landscaping the right way will make sure your property stands out from your neighbors.

Here are 7 common landscaping mistakes commercial properties make, and what you can do to ensure they don’t happen:

7 Landscaping Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them!)

  1. Trying to Design a Landscape on Your Own

    Whether your commercial property is big or small, landscaping can be complicated. It’s easy for DIYers to get overwhelmed with the design process, maintaining a budget, and actually *doing* the landscaping on their own. Getting a professional landscaper or architect on board will save you time, money, and stress. They will know how to make the best use of your property while staying within budget, and take the labor aspect off your shoulders. Implementing the work in phases can also help things go smoothly and make it easier on your wallet.

  2. Not Implementing Functional Landscaping Features

    The key to creating a truly incredible landscape is to incorporate aesthetics with functional design choices. You want to invite people to enjoy your landscape as much as possible, not come and go without even a second glance at your hard work. There are nearly limitless ways that you can incorporate functional features into your landscape. Some simple ideas include adding benches or tables, creating or upgrading walkways & patios, and adding tall trees or shrubs to provide shade & reduce A/C costs.

  3. Neglecting Your Plants

    Failing to give your plants, trees, & shrubs some TLC is a sure-fire way to detract from your property’s appearance. Flower beds should be cleaned out regularly, with fresh mulch and fertilizer added to keep weeds away and make sure your plants are well-fed. Trees & shrubs should be trimmed regularly (at the right times of year), and any dead/overhanging limbs should be removed so they don’t present a safety hazard. Lastly, pests & disease should be tackled immediately so they don’t wreak havoc on your landscape.

  4. Neglecting Hardscape Maintenance/Repairs

    Although hardscapes are built to last, it’s still important to take good care of them. Weather, sun exposure, foot traffic, and the natural shifting of the ground can all deteriorate or even damage your hardscapes over time. Walkways should be cleaned & sealed regularly, moreso for heavy-trafficked areas. You should also regularly inspect for cracked concrete, broken pavers, and other signs of damage. Uneven walking surfaces can lead to tripping hazards and are liability risks just waiting to happen, especially during the winter.

  5. Inadequate Lighting

    Outdoor lighting is essential for commercial properties for one key reason: safety. Everyone feels safer walking down a sidewalk or parking lot at night if there’s sufficient lighting, not only from the risk of tripping in the dark, but to deter potential crime as well. There are three main types of lighting in regards to landscaping:

    • Overall lighting provides light for the entire space, such as street lights or parking lot lights.
    • Task lighting is used for more specific purposes, such as lamps running down a pathway or stairs.
    • Accent lighting is more aesthetics-focused and used to draw attention to things like signage or landscape features.

    It’s important to recognize how to use the three types effectively in order to create a property where people feel safe and can enjoy your landscaping even when the sun goes down.

  6. Not Maximizing Your Sprinklers’ Water Conservation

    In Colorado’s dry climate, conserving as much water as possible is essential. Having effective and efficient sprinklers is incredibly beneficial for both your property and your wallet. Inspect sprinklers at least once a year – although it’s best to do so both during spring startup and when winterizing your system. Leaks, faulty components, and other issues all keep your sprinklers from running smoothly and can dry up your lawn and lead to unpleasant surprises on your water bill.

  7. Flooding & Drainage Issues

    Improper drainage can be a real nightmare for property owners. Insufficient grading, ineffective downspouts and gutters, and low spots on the property can all lead to ineffective drainage and flooding. This is an even bigger issue in the winter, when pools of water freeze and can lead to safety hazards or damage. There are several ways to alleviate drainage issues, including improving the landscape grade, using storm drain channels or french drains, and aerating the soil.

  8. Looking for Landscape Maintenance, Improvements, or Renovations?

    Our team of pros at GroundMasters Landscape Services have the expertise needed to make your property stand out from your neighbors. For over 25 years, we have been providing year-round seasonal landscape services to Denver-area businesses and commercial properties. Our services include lawn care & maintenance, sprinkler installation & maintenance, tree & shrub care, and landscape enhancements – along with storm cleanup and snow removal for when the weather takes a turn for the worst. To see what GroundMasters can do for your commercial property, give us a call today at (303) 750-8867 or get in touch with us online today to get started.