How Does Landscaping Affect the Cost of Grounds Maintenance?

Posted: Dec 18, 2019

Landscaping & the Grounds Maintenance Cost

Grounds maintenance contracts can be fairly complex, with a number of factors affecting your cost. Among these will include the size of your property, travel to and from your property, the amount of labor involved, and the cost of commodities such as mulch, fertilizer, chemicals, and fuel for equipment.

Does landscaping affect the cost of my grounds maintenance?
The simple answer is yes.

Factors to Consider for Maintenance

With the nature and complexity of your softscape and hardscape installations requiring different methods of upkeep, the size, number, and features of your landscaping can have a significant effect on the cost of your regular grounds maintenance.

  • Seasonal cleanup care will vary in price and intensity depending on installations on your property. While large open areas of turf can be easily cleaned of fall leaves and usually require little springtime maintenance, planter beds and hardscapes will require more meticulous care. Often times they will need to be cleaned by hand at the start of spring and fall to remove dead plant material, and for the surrounding turf to be edged to maintain the sharpest image possible. Hardscapes may become damaged by ice or high wind conditions during the colder months of the year, and require repairs. The number of these planters and hardscapes will increase the amount of labor required and thus increase the cost of these services to you.
  • Installations that incorporate mulch may need to be tilled on a regular basis and have the mulch replenished as needed, also increasing the cost to you based on the frequency and length of labor involved as well as the cost of the mulch itself. Weeding these softscapes, along with pruning any incorporated bushes, trees, and shrubs further increase labor and therefore cost.
  • Fertilizer will most likely be utilized to increase and maintain the health of softscapes even if your lawn does not require it, oftentimes being put down multiple times a season. The cost of materials for this fertilizer will most likely be included in your contract. In the Denver area, a number of pests and plant diseases can have a negative effect on your foliage and will require early and regular treatment to prevent infestation, tacking on the cost of chemical treatments to your contract.

Get the Right Lawn Care for your Property

Among all of these factors, your property may have its own unique needs for its landscaping installations which will further affect the cost of grounds maintenance services to you. Here at GroundMasters we can provide you with the perfect personalized grounds maintenance contract for your property’s needs, regardless of the demands your landscaping installations may pose. Let our dedication to maintaining exceptional landscapes and delivering excellent service work for you.

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