Fresh Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties

Posted: Jul 30, 2021

Your landscape is most often the first impression people will have about your business or commercial property. The most successful property owners understand that creating memorable experiences for their customers, tenants, and employees is the key to having a thriving business. Making landscape improvements creates extra curb appeal that draws customers in – taking good care of your property lets people know that you’ll take good care of them, too. Designing a beautiful property doesn’t always require a complete renovation from top-to-bottom; there’s a lot of little upgrades you can make to create a landscape you can be proud of.

Here are some fresh ideas and trends you can apply to your commercial property’s landscape:

7 Landscaping Ideas to Update Your Commercial Property

  1. Incorporate More Plants

    One of the simplest – yet most effective – ways of giving your property a makeover is to add more plants. Coming up with vibrant themes for your plants will bring year-round color and life to your landscape that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention. Perennials are generally worry-free and last through most of the year, while effectively utilizing annuals will give your property a splash of color that will change with the seasons. Adding architectural shrubs and trees, such as hedge walls or nicely trimmed dwarf trees, can also add color and life to the property.

  2. Give Your Signage an Upgrade

    Your business sign is often the first impression people will get of your business when they visit the property. Help your sign (and business) stand out by giving it a makeover as well. Some ways to give your business signs some TLC include:

    • Keep the grass mowed around your signs and remove any overgrown plants
    • Give your signs a fresh coat of paint
    • Add lights to help your signs stand out once the sun goes down
    • Create flower beds around your signs to really draw attention to them
  3. Create Outdoor Common Areas or Open-Air Workspaces

    Functional landscape design has become a hot trend in landscape design. Creating usable spaces that people can enjoy really adds a lot of value and curb appeal to a property. Open-air workspaces and outdoor areas where people can relax are beneficial for a few key reasons:

    • They promote well-being by providing natural light, fresh air, and the sounds of nature
    • They help to stimulate creativity, productivity, and innovation
    • They provide social areas that can foster peer-to-peer connections and lead to improved teamwork and morale
  4. Maximize Water Conservation

    It’s vital to conserve as much water as possible on your commercial property, especially during Colorado’s hot, dry summers. Utilizing local and drought-resistant plants is a great start since they use less water and generally need less maintenance all-around. Upgrading your sprinkler system with a smart sprinkler controller is also something to consider. Smart controllers can automatically adjust watering schedules using real-time weather data, and they can easily be controlled using your smartphone. Smart controllers can also track your water usage so that you’re not wasting a single drop.

  5. Upgrade Your Hardscapes

    The days of old, cracked, and crumbling concrete patios and walkways are over. Paver stones have become an incredibly popular option for creating outdoor hardscapes. They come in an unlimited variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re looking to create a simple brick look, an interlocking pattern, or something more custom, the possibilities are endless. A quick search for comparisons between plain concrete and paver hardscapes show just how much pavers can improve the overall appearance and curb appeal of your property.

  6. Utilize Energy Efficient Landscape Design

    Landscape design, while mostly for aesthetics, can also serve a practical purpose for your property. Did you know that you can actually cut heating and cooling costs with energy efficient landscape design? In places with cold winters, utilizing trees, shrubs and other plants as windbreaks can help direct frigid winter winds up and over your property, reducing heating costs. Letting your south-facing windows soak up as much sun as possible in the winter will also cut heating costs. Likewise, using large trees, hedges, and other plants for shade in the summer won’t only keep people cool outside, it’ll also help keep your building cooler inside, as well.

  7. Install Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

    Upgrading your outdoor lighting is a great way to make sure that you’re highlighting your property’s best features, sun-up or sun-down. Several areas that can benefit from new lighting include:

    • Business Signs
    • Walkways
    • Flower Beds
    • Outdoor Common Areas and Open-Air Workspaces
    • Exterior Stairs or Ramps

    Installing new lights is a great investment because they provide both extra curb appeal and extra safety to your property. If you already have lights installed, replace any broken or dim bulbs, and consider upgrading to LEDs or even solar lights. This will help reduce your electric bill while still making sure people can enjoy your property no matter the time of day.

Looking to Give Your Denver Commercial Property a Fresh Look?

GroundMasters Landscape Services Can Help to Create Your Dream Landscape

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