Commercial Flower Beds – Bring Color to Your Landscape

Posted: Oct 29, 2021

Designing Flower Beds for Your Colorado Commercial Property

Designing and installing new flower beds – or rejuvenating existing flower beds – is a simple and effective way to give your property “a new coat of paint” no matter the time of year. Whether you’d like to develop a color palette that helps your property stand out from your neighbors, or to switch to plants more well-suited to Colorado’s climate, flower beds will bring life to any part of your property.

The landscape experts at GroundMasters can keep your property colorful and vibrant year-round by designing and installing flower beds for your Denver commercial property. Some important factors to consider when designing and planting flower beds:

  1. Sunlight & Shade

    Certain plants need more sun (or less) than others. Especially in the Front Range, the hot summer sun can fry plants that need adequate shade. It’s important to take the lay of the land into consideration when planning where to put flower beds, and what plants to use in each. Placing full-shade, partial-shade, and full-sun plants where appropriate is the best way for them to thrive no matter how hot it gets.

  2. Watering Needs

    Choosing the right plants for your flower beds can greatly help with water conservation and make a huge dent in your water bill. Colorado is home to an incredible variety of native plants with low watering needs. Some native plants can even be taken off irrigation completely once they establish! The property’s layout can also aid in determining where to place plants with higher watering needs, such as in lower-lying areas or near downspouts for passive watering.

  3. Maintenance Needs

    Maintenance needs are also worth considering when planning out flower beds. Certain plants need more TLC than others to thrive – pruning, deadheading, fertilizing, weeding, and disease/pest control are common examples. Luckily, many native Colorado plants require relatively little maintenance. Colorado is also home to a diverse array of plants that are well-suited to drought and harsh winters.

  4. Color Combinations

    Developing a color palette (or several!) for your flower beds is an incredibly important and fun part of the design process. Color is usually the first thing people notice about flower beds (and the property in general) so the colors you choose can have a profound effect on your property’s look and feel. Do you want to choose complementary colors, an analogous color scheme, or something bolder? There are numerous plants that grow well in Colorado from all across the color spectrum, so the color choices and combinations are nearly endless.

  5. Seasonal Needs

    Colorado’s unique climate can make it difficult to plan out what types of plants to use in flower beds. With freezing winters and harsh, dry summers, knowing what plants do well in different seasons will make sure your property stays colorful and lively year-round. Some plants that are well-adjusted to Colorado’s differing seasonal climates include:


    • Tulips
    • Daffodils
    • Hyacinth
    • Iris


    • Marigold
    • Salvia
    • Petunia
    • Geraniums


    • Mums
    • Pansies
    • Decorative Peppers
    • Ornamental Kale


    • Holly
    • Juniper
    • Mountain Laurel
    • Daphne

Looking to Transform Your Commercial Landscape with New or Rejuvenated Flower Beds?

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