6 Most Affordable Commercial Landscape Improvements

Posted: Jul 24, 2020

Having a commercial property you can be proud of is one of the best feelings ever for property owners. Studies have shown time and time again that a more appealing property attracts more patrons which increases business and in turn, your ROI. Landscape improvements don’t always have to include drastic, complete renovations that empty your wallet; in fact, smaller, more affordable landscape improvements can quickly add up to create a property you can take pride in.

Here are 6 improvements that are light on your budget but heavy on curb appeal:

  1. Lawn Improvements

    Your lawn is often the first thing people will notice about your property, so improving it is one of the best ways to increase your property’s appeal. Power raking and aerating are relatively inexpensive and incredibly beneficial to your lawn’s health. These treatments will get rid of harmful thatch (a layer of dead grass and other plant debris that doesn’t decompose easily) and allow water, air, and nutrients to reach down to the roots of your lawn so that it can thrive. Reseeding any patchy areas and fertilizing afterward will ensure that your lawn grows out thick and green. No matter the size of your lawn, consider hiring a commercial lawn care service who knows just what your lawn needs.

  2. Greenery, Trees, Shrubs & Flora

    You can easily transform your landscape by adding or replacing flowers, shrubs, trees, or other plants. Seasonal flowers can add a splash of color and make your property feel more vibrant. Trees, shrubs, and bushes also improve air quality, can create shade, and can create an insulating effect from busy streets and noise pollution around the property. This dash of green and other colors will go a long way to increase the appeal of your property, but make sure that everything stays well maintained. Having a property full of overgrown bushes, dead trees, and flower beds filled with weeds is almost worse than not having any at all.

  3. Mulch Installation or Replacement

    Another relatively cheap way to give your landscape a “new coat of paint” is to add mulch to flower beds, planters, or around trees and shrubs or replace old, dried out mulch. Depending on your needs, you can choose either organic and inorganic mulch. Organic mulches such as shredded bark, wood chips, grass, and compost will enrich the soil with nutrients while discouraging weeds and soil erosion. Inorganic mulches like stones, black plastic, or geotextile fabric don’t provide any nutrients to the soil, but don’t break down and can last for years. The two keys to mulching are to only lay down mulch on soil that’s already been weeded and to make sure that you lay down a layer that’s thick enough (about 3-4 inches) to discourage new weeds from popping up.

  4. Sprinkler System Tune-up

    Making sure that your sprinkler system is functioning properly is essential to keeping your landscape looking great. Getting an audit done on your sprinkler system will verify that everything is in good condition or identify components that need repair. For even better results, upgrading to a smart sprinkler controller can maximize efficiency and water conservation by adjusting to real-time weather and soil conditions. This will ensure that you’re not wasting a single drop of water (or money out of your wallet!) while keeping your landscape beautiful.

  5. Landscape and Property Lighting

    Improving the lighting on your property is something that everyone will notice immediately. Sufficient lighting increases your property’s value from added safety and security. Another great improvement is using accent lighting on landscape features like flower beds, planter boxes, or common areas. Even if you don’t wish to install new lights or overhaul your entire system, simply swapping to energy-efficient LEDs can make a huge difference. Even though they may be more costly upfront, LED bulbs can use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and last 2-4 times longer, which means BIG SAVINGS on energy bills that will easily pay for themselves.

  6. Create Areas for People to Enjoy Your Landscape

    One of the simplest landscape improvements is giving people areas to sit back and relax. Creating an outdoor sitting area (or upgrading an existing one) for people to socialize, take a break, or eat lunch outside is a big improvement that anyone can enjoy. A simple start is just adding a bench or two next to flower beds or putting a picnic table under a shady tree. With so many people caught up in the constant rush of day-to-day life, giving them places to sit and take in your landscape features will give them a chance to really see and appreciate the effort you are putting into your property’s appearance.

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