5 Reasons why Hiring Grounds Management is Essential for Commercial Properties

Posted: Apr 25, 2019

1. Your Property Image is Your Image.

Just like you spend time and effort on looking professional for your clients; your property needs to be well-groomed and clean-cut to maintain a professional atmosphere for your clients. Your property; however, gets the luxury of an extended level of creativity and extravagance to allow more beauty and comfort into its landscape. Upkeep of such decorative installations continues year-round and can easily become wasted effort and money if not maintained properly.

A grounds management service can provide the care your grounds need to keep you looking in tip-top shape compared to your competition. Here at GroundMasters, we focus to ensure new projects are installed on time and within budget; while maintaining attractiveness and longevity with continued service.

2. Protect the Health of your Property, Clients, and Employees.

Pests can be frustrating enough when managing them on your grounds, but when they become an issue within your facilities the health of your clients and employees can be compromised. Controlling pest populations on your grounds can help to protect your facilities from these intruders, saving you bunches on indoor pest control fees.

Trips and falls are a leading workplace injury, and neglecting your grounds maintenance can lead to these incidents. Fallen branches and debris, and uneven pavement, can be a hazard to yourself and your employees, but a good grounds maintenance team can keep your property clean and free of these obstructions.

3. Reduce Water Usage and Lower Utility Costs

An efficient irrigation system delivers the right amount of water in the right place at the right time. Improperly maintained irrigation systems run the risk of breakdown, and can also be incredibly wasteful of water, delivering poor results at the cost of an expensive utility bill for you. Grounds management services provide the knowledge and experience to keep your irrigation system operating efficiently and keep those costs down. GroundMasters offers seasonal inspections and continuous evaluation of your system to ensure peak performance.

4. Increase Morale and Productivity

Better upkeep of your grounds can lead to increased employee morale and productivity, as happier workers tend to waste less time in their days and are more creative and invigorated in their work. A study performed by a team of researchers from the Warwick Business School led to the conclusion that:

“Happier workers, our research found, were 12% more productive. Unhappier workers were 10% less productive.”


Proper maintenance of your landscaping, parking lots, and walkways leaves your employees feeling appreciated and considered, while making you seem a better host for your clients and visitors.

5. Save your Company Time, Labor, and Money.

Between all the responsibilities that come with grounds management; mowing, trimming and edging, tree and planter care, installation upkeep, litter/debris and snow removal, aeration, fertilization, irrigation system upkeep, autumn cleaning, and pest and weed control- you need experienced personnel that you can trust to manage it all.

You could spend vast amounts of time, effort, and money hiring for, scheduling, supervising, and paying for these duties yourself. You could outsource to a number of separate companies, each who will handle one aspect of the grounds maintenance game for you.

Or, you can trust it to a professional team who’s been Colorado’s premier source of professional landscape maintenance and enhancement services for 25 years. GroundMasters’ exceptional grounds maintenance programs offer a broad spectrum of services, are tailored to your property’s specific needs, and grant predictable costs while ensuring your property is inviting for clients and employees alike, for years to come.