3 Most Valuable Landscape Upgrades

Posted: Oct 16, 2019

Commercial real estate is a huge investment, and as is the case with any type of investing, an investor wants to see a return of investment (ROI). A great and often-overlooked way to increase your ROI is by making upgrades and improvements to your landscaping. A report from the University of Washington showed that commercial offices with high-quality landscaping can bring in about 7% greater rental revenue and that customers are willing to pay 12% more in establishments with professional landscaping. But what can you do to improve your landscaping and maximize your return of investment? Here are the 3 most valuable landscape upgrades to maximize your ROI.

  1. Lawns, Flowers, and Trees

    Lawns and large trees are what the rest of your plantings design is anchored around, so it’s worth carefully designing and maintaining them. Dead grass or dying trees can ruin the appearance of a property, making it a good idea to replace them and keep your grounds looking green and healthy. New perennial plants like hedges, shrubs, and bushes can really complement the rest of your landscape with careful thought and placement. Lastly, seasonal flowers and plants are a great way to improve your landscape because they are what bring a splash of color and “wow-factor” to your property. They’re perfect for containers, window boxes, planters along walkways, or even hanging baskets. Switching them out seasonally is a great way to keep things fresh and colorful all year round.

  2. Outdoor Common Areas & Seating

    Creating or upgrading an outdoor seating area is a great way to make your commercial property more appealing to customers. Having an outdoor area for customers to take a break, eat a meal outside, or socialize creates more value for these customers, and in return can create more business for your tenants. Patios, gazebos, and other outdoor areas are a great improvement and long-term will recoup more than the cost of installation. Even if you don’t have the budget to create a lavish outdoor oasis, starting with a patio, gazebo, or even a water feature surrounded by benches is a great way to increase your commercial property value.

  3. Outdoor Lighting

    Proper lighting of your property not only increases its value because of safety and security (no one feels comfortable walking down a dimly lit walkway or parking lot at night!); it can also make sure your landscaping features are highlighted no matter the time of day. Choosing attractive lighting for walkways, prominent planting features such as large planters and flowerbeds, and outdoor common areas is a great way to increase the appeal of your property and make sure people can see it day or night.

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